Change of Judgments




Massachusetts courts realize that people’s circumstances are fluid and judgments may need to be changed over time. If you have had recent changes in your life, and your current court judgment does not take them into consideration, then you may need to file for a modification.

Modifications usually involve financial judgments, such as alimony and child support, but they can also involve requested changes to parenting plans where the existing plan is no longer in the child’s best interests. The modification action itself can often be as complicated and intricate as the initial court matter. This is where Emmanuel can help.

We will work to negotiate a settlement without having to spend expensive time in court. If a settlement is not possible, we will work to narrow the issues and develop precise legal arguments to obtain a straightforward court ruling.

If your situation has changed since you received your last court judgment, contact Emmanuel for a free initial consultation.

Judgment Modification Forms:

Complaint for Modification
Long Financial Statement (Filed if earning over $75,000 annually)
Short Financial Statement (Filed if earning under $75,000 annually)