Child Custody



Child Custody

Child custody is usually the most contentious matter in Family Court. Unlike property division, alimony or child support, you cannot put a dollar amount or value on the ability to raise and parent your children.

When divorcing parents are not able to agree on how to raise their children, a Judge is forced to determine who will make decisions for the children (legal custody) and the parenting schedule for where the children will live throughout the year (physical custody). The Court ultimately decides what is in the child’s best interests and develops a comprehensive, detailed parenting plan.

What is believed to be in the best interests of the child can be highly subjective. Therefore, we advocate on your behalf to convince the Court to implement your parenting plan and allow you to decide how to best raise your children. Our attorneys concentrate specifically on child custody cases, drawing on extensive experience with complex high-conflict child-related matters. We are also trained to serve as Guardian ad Litems and use this experience for your benefit.

If you have child custody issues and need to determine your custody rights, feel free to contact Emmanuel for sound, expert legal counsel.

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Child Custody Forms:

Complaint for Child Custody & Visitation (Parents married)
Complaint for Child Custody & Visitation (Parents never married)
Care and Custody Affidavit
Long Financial Statement (Filed if earning over $75,000 annually)
Short Financial Statement (Filed if earning under $75,000 annually)